Online Clubs and Activities

Eduverse International School

At Eduverse International School, we recognize the importance of fostering a well-rounded educational experience by offering a diverse range of extracurricular activities. Our online clubs and activities are designed to accommodate students’ interests and allow them to connect with peers, even when learning remotely. Some examples of our online clubs and activities include:


  1. Academic Clubs: These clubs provide opportunities for students to engage in subjects of interest beyond the classroom, such as Math Club, Science Club, or Creative Writing Club.
  2. Interest-Based Clubs: Clubs that focus on specific hobbies or interests, such as Chess Club, Robotics Club, or Artificial Intelligence (AI)Club.


Student Support Services


Eduverse International School is committed to supporting students’ academic and personal growth by offering a wide range of student support services. Our dedicated team of professionals works closely with students to ensure their success and well-being. Some of our student support services include:


  1. Academic Counseling:Our academic counselors help students with course selection andacademic planning. They also provide assistance with study skills, time management, and goal setting.


  1. Tutoring and Learning Support:We offer tutoring services and additional learning support for students who may need extra help in specific subjects or areas. Our tutors work closely with students to help them overcome academic challenges and achieve their full potential.


  1. 3. Social and Emotional Support:Our school counselor isavailable to assist students with any social, emotional, or personal issues they may be facing. S/he provides a safe and confidential space for students to discuss their concerns and develop coping strategies.



At Eduverse International School, our online clubs and activities, along with our comprehensive student support services, create a vibrant and nurturing learning environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.