Assessment & Grading System

Eduverse International School

At Eduverse International School, we believe that assessment and grading are essential components of the learning process, providing valuable feedback to both students and teachers. Our assessment and grading system is designed to be comprehensive, fair, and aligned with our American curriculum, ensuring that students are evaluated on their overall academic performance and progress.


Our assessment and grading system is comprised of the following components:


  1. Annual Quizzes (30%):Students will complete six quizzes throughout the academic year, which will assess their understanding of the material covered in each unit. These quizzes will account for 30% of the student’s overall grade, with each quiz contributing 5% to the total.


  1. Summative Tests (20%):There will be two summative tests conducted during the year – one at the end of the first semester and another at the end of the second semester. These tests will assess the students’ knowledge and understanding of the entire semester’s content and will contribute 20% to their overall grade, with each test accounting for 10%.


  1. Homework (20%):Homework assignments will be given regularly to reinforce the lessons learned in class and to promote independent study. Homework will make up 20% of the student’s overall grade, with the quality, consistency, and timeliness of submissions being evaluated.


  1. Classwork (10%):Active participation and engagement in class activities, discussions, and group work will be assessed as part of the classwork component. This will account for 10% of the student’s overall grade, reflecting their effort, collaboration, and understanding of the course material.


  1. Project Work (20%):Throughout the academic year, students will undertake various project-based assignments, which may involve research, presentations, or creative tasks. These projects will be designed to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills and will contribute 20% to the student’s overall grade.


Our assessment and grading system at Eduverse International School aims to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded evaluation of each student’s academic performance, while encouraging consistent effort, engagement, and growth. By taking into account various aspects of a student’s learning experience, we ensure that they are appropriately challenged and supported throughout their educational journey.